Posted by: Emily | February 25, 2009

Comcast saves the day (and this post)

While I was at the gym today I was thinking how I haven’t had anything interesting to blog about lately because my life is insanely boring.  Then I started to plan a post titled “Depths of Despair” based on Anne of Green Gables of course.  It wasn’t going to be a happy post.  

Luckily, our internet hasn’t been working very well all day so I had to call Comcast for the third time. This time, I got a nice Southern lady who I was having a little trouble understanding at first

Comcast: “Is your modem unpluggggeeddd”  

Me:  “Is my modem what?”

Comcast: “Is your modem unpluggggeddd”

Me:  “I’m sorry, what?”  

Comcast: “UNPLUGGED?”

Me:  “Ahh, I’m an idiot Yankee.  Sorry”

So she decided I needed a technician to come to the house but she was having a problem with the scheduling website or something (I guess their internet doesn’t work either) so I had to wait.  I multitasked by emptying the dishwasher and she didn’t say a word.  About 10 minutes of silence later we finally scheduled the appointment and then in a completely different voice she said, “Are you having a good day?”

I lied and said, “yes, I’m having a great day, what about you?”

And then she went off.  She told me how nice the weather was there (not sure where she was) and how she was going to go home and give her dog some exercise because she felt she had been neglecting her dog this winter. The dog’s legs have been getting stiff so the vet said she had to take Vitamin E but she often forgets to give her the vitamin but she needs to remember to give her the vitamin and make sure to take her for walks and she said she actually thought maybe she hasn’t ever treated her dog very well but now she’s learned not to be negative around the dog because she picks up on that and gets a bad disposition. 

Yes, I know that was a long sentence but that’s the way she spoke! 

The dog apparently has a negative attitude so now she only talks to the dog in a sweet voice and she calls her “Miss Chrissy SweetCakes” and sometimes “grandma,” because of the stiff legs I think.  Then she said she’s glad she figured this out before she had kids so that when God blesses her with a nice man who wants to marry her and have kids, she’ll know how to treat them.  Um, yeah, she said a lot more and basically didn’t let me get a word in but every time I laughed she laughed as well and she had a totally beautiful laugh.  So I predict she will find that nice man and she will treat him like she treats Miss Chrissy and everything will be alllriiiight.  

No offense to people I’ve had conversations with recently but this was literally the best conversation I’ve had in months! 

I think I need to move to the south so I can interact with people like this on a daily basis.  Until then, depths of despair post still possibly coming soon.



  1. Laughed out loud at this post, chica!! Got to love the south…our doors are always open for visiting!!

  2. What a hoot, makes me anxious to visit Kentucky.

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