Posted by: Emily | February 24, 2009


Last Friday Frenchie and I went to a big party.  Catering, free drinks, dancing.  The whole shabang (sp?).  It was awesome.  I saw so many old friends that I worked with in the lab before I went to law school and even though I had to tell people over and over that I have no job, I still felt pretty good.  I had such a good time.

Check out the picture of us on my Flickr site, in our interpretation of “casual chic,” the dress code that nobody understood.  

Speaking of the lab, one of the grad students is leaving soon so Frenchie asked me if I would make a cake for her last lab meeting today.  While I was excited, I was slightly intimidated as well.  I feel pretty confident in my carrot cake and spice cake making abilities, but I wanted to make a plain cake that everybody would enjoy for this event, and those are much more difficult.  I feel like they usually turn out too dense or too dry or both.  Anyway, I settled on the White Butter Cake from  This cake was really fun to make, probably because there were no apparent disasters.  I think the Kitchenaid mixer made all the difference!  I freakin’ love that thing.

Of course, I have no idea how it turned out tasting and I’m sure I won’t get any negative feedback (even if it sucked) but it sure looked pretty!  Now I’m feeling inspired to try out more white cake recipes to find the perfect one.


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