Posted by: Emily | February 19, 2009



…to life’s splendor.

That was the quote I received on the top of my Magic Hat #9 beer cap the other day and I can’t seem to throw it away.  I walked around my neighborhood yesterday.  It was cloudy, windy, cold and it felt like snow was coming.  I repeated this statement to myself “surrender to life’s splendor”  as I walked around trying to find my sanity on the streets of Brookline.  Like a mantra.  It helped get me through the streets.   It brought me home, without tears.  I tried to list reasons to be happy about being here, now, with my husband, in Boston.  Unfortunately all I could think about was how much I missed walking around my neighborhood in Eugene.  I always found my sanity on those walks through the trees.  I miss it like crazy (my sanity and the trees). 

For now I am going to try to remember to surrender (it even rhymes) and enjoy every day as it comes.  Like the beer cap says.  

Funny where inspiration comes from sometimes.  Oprah, a Starbucks cup, the top of a beer bottle and sometimes even inside the bottle.  

Where do you find inspiration?



  1. I miss Eugene too. I never thought I would say I miss Eugene when I was living there, but dang, it was a pretty good place to live.

  2. It will be spring soon! Things will get greener and then it will be easier to find sanity!

  3. the spring and the fall here are not bad. when i lived in beaverton, i would take long drives through the country, or the west hills when i needed peace. we have no hills here, but i can still find country if i go far enough out. in the summers, when the heat is so awful that i just want to jump off a cliff, i drive home through the country. open all the windows, take off the sunroof, turn up the music, and just drive.

  4. that’s true. the spring is pretty darn great here. that first warm day after you’re ass has been frozen for months. I guess I have that to look forward to.

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