Posted by: Emily | February 18, 2009

Time course

Today I’m channeling my inner scientist and doing a chocolate cookie time course.  We have French guests staying with us right now who are incredibly picky eaters.  Since the only thing I have to offer is my cooking it has been sort of frustrating.  I discovered that they like cookies though so I first tried some white chocolate walnut cookies but they didn’t turn out so well.  Then I decided to try the famous Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe because it never fails me.  I did a google search and found an article in the New York Times about making perfect chocolate chip cookies.  The article suggested that you refrigerate the dough before baking to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie!  I have never tried that before because it is hard to wait once you’ve made the dough.

Luckily, I solved that problem by eating a large portion of the uncooked dough until I felt sick and then it was a lot easier to just stick it in the fridge.  Yumm, salmonella poisoning.  

I made the 12 hour cookies this morning and man they are really good.  They definitely taste different than if you make them right away.  Richer somehow.  More like when you buy the freezer dough from the store but without the artifical flavors.  I’m going to try 24 hours and 36 hours.  

Hooray for cookie science!



  1. I wish I was there to taste test your cookie time course! Matt makes chocolate chip cookies with ghiradelli chips that are amazing. He balls them using a small ice cream scoop into golf ball size balls, then refrigerates overnight, then bakes. They are to die for.

  2. Wow. You found yourself an awesome husband Rachel!

  3. Ha. I hope you really didn’t eat half of the dough. That sounds delicious. . . and kinda bad for you.

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