Posted by: Emily | February 11, 2009

Update: What’s up with me?

Well, since you asked, here’s a random list of my thoughts for the day…

  • Getting Direct TV today.  I think watching a lot more Comedy Central is the cure to my unemployment blues.  
  • I am totally outraged by the Chris Brown/Rihanna thing yet I find it interesting that it takes something like this to get domestic violence in the spotlight.  This shit happens every freakin’ day to every type of person.  
  • I am sorry to report that we will not be able to offer you an interview for our associate position.  Your qualifications for the position were strong – strong enough so that in all past hiring decisions you would almost certainly have at least been offered an interview.  This time our candidate pool was truly exceptional, both in terms of numbers and the quality of many of the applications, making our decision extremely difficult, but we simply do not have the resources to interview all the worthy applicants.
  • Doc told me to take calcium and Vitamin D supplement.  I discovered Adora.  Yumm!  They don’t taste vitamany at all, just chocolately.  And for you milk allergy people, the dark chocolate ones are dairy free!  Get your calcium women! 
  • However, this book is telling me that whole calcium thing might be a lie.  Harvard Schmarvard.  
  • Frenchie bought me black boots for Valentine’s Day.  Well, he didn’t actually know  he was buying them for me and we don’t celebrate stupid holidays like Valentine’s, but now that I have them he thinks he is a wonderful gift giver.  : )  
  • I am loving the new New York Times puzzle KenKen.  As some of you know, I love math, so this game is perfect for me! 

UPDATE:  Direct TV installation failed so unemployment blues back on.



  1. ok…i just tried the KenKen – awesome!! much more fun than soduku!

    thanks for adding to the multitude of ways i can waste some time!!

  2. Cute, cute, cute boots!! And after reading Carrots n cake all the time, I think I need to try Adora as well!

    BTW, I finished knitting my first hat last night!!

  3. Hurray! you finally got the Camper boots you wanted. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Those boots are hot! I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted a pair of campers. I really want a pair of camper twins. I got obsessed with campers when I lived in SF because they actually had a camper store.

  5. ps This doesnt’ have to do with your post but….I made sugar cookies using your recipe for a baby shower that I hosted last weekend. I made them in the shape of little boys and put blue frosting and blue sprinkles on them. That is the best recipe. I use it ALL the time! Thank you!

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