Posted by: Emily | February 8, 2009

Not hip

This morning I decided to make black bottom cupcakes to take to a friends house tonight and turned on NPR as usual.  Unfortunately at 11am on Sunday it changes to a church service so obviously instead of trying to better my life, I turned it off.  Normally I would start listening to a book on tape or a podcast but since I was frustrated with this recipe I decided to listen to some angry music instead.  Then I realized I never listen to music anymore!  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I listen to Frenchie’s crazy music selections (jazz, hip hop and Prince) but I never listen to my own music and I haven’t listened to a new artist in forever!  

So I’m asking for music recommendations.  I like folky, singer songwriter stuff but I’m open to everything.  

What have you been listening to?



  1. Andrew Bird or Okkervil River have been two of my faves lately. I don’t have their CD’s or anything, but I love everything that I’ve heard so far! Look them up on Pandora!

  2. Old Crow Medicine Show, duh. They have a new album I think. Try John Butler Trio

  3. paramore, joss stone, adele.

  4. Totally agree with April on Adele…I’ve also been listening to Lupe Fiasco, Santogold, new young pony club.

    The only one that is folk-y is Adele, the rest are hip hop, alternative or just plain un-categorizable (is that a word??)


  5. a second for Andrew Bird,Joe Purdy, Kate Nash, Vampire Weekend, Beruit

    Great idea for a post! I needed some new inspiration too.

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