Posted by: Emily | February 5, 2009

Pleasantly surprised

An update on the doctor experience today.  Absolutely wonderful!  Well, as wonderful as an appointment involving a speculum can be.  I saw a resident who was literally the nicest doctor I have ever gone to and she spent a really long time with me asking me all sorts of questions and actually listening to the answers.  I still had the high blood pressure though, even a little bit after the appointment, so maybe I just actually have high blood pressure.  Who knows.

It was kind of weird because I think she was my age.  That’s a first!  The only downside is since she is a resident she might not be there very long.   : (  Better get my appointments in soon!



  1. Oh good! I am glad it went well!

    Isn’t that a trip seeing a doctor who is your age?! My doctor is three weeks younger than I am. CRAZY!

  2. I wonder if your blood pressure would be high if I took it for you? We should test that out at some point!

    In the meantime… Yay cupcakes at Starbucks again! I haven’t gone yet to check it out, but I’m really excited!

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