Posted by: Emily | January 28, 2009

Oh winter, you’re so lovable

In light of this craptastic winter storm in Boston where I literally stepped into a slush puddle up to my calf while being splashed by a bus, I was trying to think of things to love about winter.  Here  is my list:

  1. Fluffy winter coats hide that 10 pounds. 
  2. Shoveling the driveway gives you a chance to meet and chat with your neighbors.
  3. When it is 4 degrees outside you tend to walk really fast, therefore burning more calories.  Also, because you are wearing so many clothes it’s kind of like strapping weights to your ankles while power walking.  Makes up for drinking #4
  4. Hot cocoa…with or without booze.
  5. Cute hats and scarves!
  6. 10 inches of slush means that boot fashion goes out the window.  Get me my galoshes!  
  7. Fuzzy slippers
  8. It is perfectly acceptable to sit inside and watch movies all day.

Well, I only found 8.  Do you have any more?  

And for your viewing enjoyment, here is a picture of my MIL shoveling snow.  You stay with us, we put you to work!  




  1. kills the bugs?

    in portland, good snowfall meant plenty of water for summer…

    snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or sliding down hills on your butt…

    there’s something so peaceful about a world covered in fresh snow. so pure and untainted… until the kids get to it…

    that’s all i got. i haven’t seen snow in years. 😦

  2. Hmmm… I hate my upper arms so I am always stoked about long sleeves!!

    And I like the baking that typically goes along with winter. This is probably one of the reasons I hate my upper arms

  3. I totally agree on the long sleeves. And layering!

    I baked cookies last night because I was freezing and our oven seems to leak a lot of heat and makes the house warmer. Good one!

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