Posted by: Emily | January 27, 2009

Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!

I am too hungover from our Chinese New Year’s party last night (a bottle of plum wine counts as a Chinese New Year’s party, right?) to post anything witty so I’m posting another funny Friends clip.  This one always cracks me up.  I thought of it a couple weeks ago when I was helping a friend move her couch down the stairs.  When I asked her if she remembered that episode she said she never watched Friends.  Whhaaaa??  There is so much wrong with that I didn’t even know where to start!



  1. I’m part Chinese and I didn’t even celebrate Chinese new year. Good job Jarrell Jarrell.

  2. Oh man, I love this episode so much. I am glad to see that Mrs. Wang enjoyed herself celebrating the New Year of her homeland!

  3. That’s true. Sometimes I forget about my Chinese heritage…Mr. Wang’s Restaurant. Those were good times.

  4. Don’t forget Empire Buffet too Emily.

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