Posted by: Emily | January 16, 2009

Would you like some desserrrrttt?

I am female.  I have boobs.  I know this is true but I have never been one to notice guys “checking me out.”  Other people have pointed out that I’m been oogled but I seriously never notice.  Until last night.  

We went to a restaurant in downtown Boston, I won’t name names, and had one of those super speedy waiters.  He was running around like a mad man, keeping a close eye on our dinner progress.  After he took our order he reached for Frenchie’s menu and poked me in the boob with his elbow.  “Ahh, that was just an accident” I thought to myself.  Then he grabbed my menu and did the same thing.  “Mmm, guess I better scoot back.  Too close to the table.”  

We ate our food and leaned back, indicating we were done with our meal.  Speedy waiter came over and while staring right down my shirt said, “would you like some dessert?”   And then even though I was leaning back so far from the table I almost fell over the railing, he leaned over to pick up our plates and the elbow still ended up in my boob!  Maybe I was just being paranoid but it totally creeped me out! 

Let’s just say, I did not want dessert and my dinner was ruined.



  1. Pervert!! Jesus, in front of your husband??

    (Although if your husband is anything like mine, he probably would have been studying the dessert menu to notice)

    I hope you left a crappy tip!

  2. Er, I mean “studying the dessert menu too much to notice”

    Man I’m glad it’s Friday!

  3. woah, and you didn’t punch him? perhaps you should have said: “This is a restaurant not Crazy Horse.”

    By way, I love the layout of your blog.

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