Posted by: Emily | January 12, 2009

Gizmo says NO WAY to dog

Over the weekend our neighbor asked us to take care of their dog and cat for one night.  The dog, Lenke, is a pretty mellow, slightly decrepit dog and very easy to take care of.  I have been bugging Frenchie for a dog, mostly joking, for a while so I was excited for the opportunity to pretend to have one for a day.  Lenke doesn’t like to be alone in the house so we thought we’d bring her over for a bit to hang out with us in our apartment.  We thought Loki the cat would probably hiss and growl at Lenke and Gizmo the cat would hide under the bed.  But within seconds of the dog entering both cats were out the window.  The dog couldn’t care less about the cats, just wandered slowly around the apartment. But yet they were outside in a flash.  Oh yeah, did I mention is was about 19 degrees outside?  Not ideal cat weather.  

I looked out the window and Gizmo was sitting on tree branch in the backyard breathing heavily.  Loki was stomping around sniffing the ice covered ground.  I yelled at them to come inside and Gizmo gave me a look that said, “Get that freakin’ dog out of the house and then I’ll come inside crazy lady.”  

We let them tough it out for a while and then finally took the dog back to her house and went looking for the cats.  Loki came inside immediately, probably after watching us return the dog.  I finally found Gizmo on our landlords doormat.  She wouldn’t budge when I called her so I walked up and picked her up.  Her body was stiff and her little heart was racing.  She was so terrified!  She let me carry her into the house and then jumped from my arms, leaving a f-you little scratch behind.  OK, Gizmo, I learned my lesson.

So fine Frenchie.  You win.  We won’t get a dog.  But it isn’t because you said we couldn’t.  It’s because Gizmo’s little cat heart can’t take it.  She’s delicate.  Here she is recovering later that day on the radiator.  See how her belly kind of hangs over the side?  Might be time for a diet.  img_2324



  1. Sounds like Gizmo might have picked up some dog tips from Mia…

  2. This is hilarious, right on Gizmo!

  3. Gizmo needs to toughen up! Just kidding. Poor little Gizmo.

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