Posted by: Emily | January 9, 2009

Digital Converter Box

You may have heard some buzz about how television is going digital in February.  Some people need a special converter box to make their tv digital so that it will still work.  Commercials have been playing for what feels like a couple years now explaining this impending television debacle.  Yesterday I heard on the news that they are thinking of delaying the deadline because a lot of people haven’t done the conversion yet.  Mostly the elderly and disabled who didn’t get the message or, perhaps, don’t understand.  

I would have taken this with a grain of salt if we hadn’t had this situation over Christmas.  

We showed up to my grandparents farm to the drama of Grandpa and Aunt not being able to get the converter boxes hooked up.  Grandpa thought the TV’s were too old.  Aunt thought that these boxes were bullsh*t.  

Frenchie proceeded to hook up the boxes with no problemo.  Even on the little TV!


And showed Grandpa how the new channels worked!


I think Frenchie and I should go find these elderly and disabled and hook up their boxes.  Maybe that will be our charity work for the year.  Because who needs TV more than the elderly?



  1. You should start a business, could be your new career. Be a TV technician.

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