Posted by: Emily | January 8, 2009

Put some pants on

Brian Unger on a show called “Day to Day” on NPR did a little session about unemployment that was so right on.  His first piece of advice…put some pants on.  Here are some others.

  • Don’t be efficient at doing anything.  
  • Turn each activity into separate day long adventures.  For example, drive to Pennsylvania to pick up fresh produce at an Amish produce stand.
  • Waste as much time as you can.  
  • Efficiency is for losers with jobs.

Here are some of my own

  • Don’t buy readymade anything.  No cake mixes, quick oats, prechopped veggies.  Do it all yourself to take up more time.
  • If there is a daytime TV show that you can stand watching, carve that hour out of your day so you have a “purpose”
  • Leave all your dirty dishes around the house until 20 minutes before your husband comes home and get that adrenalin rush of cleaning up before anybody sees what a lazy ass you’ve been all day.
  • Go to the stores when they are not as busy so you can strike up a conversation with the employees and get your human interaction requirements for the day.  This is a little tougher in Boston where the checkers idea of a conversation is “hmph” while handing you your receipt.  Still, answer with an enthusiastic “Thanks!  Have a nice day!” and  you’ll feel revitalized.  

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