Posted by: Emily | January 7, 2009

Microplane in the Kitchen


A friend of ours bought us a Crate and Barrel gift certificate for our wedding (thanks Nicole!) and I bought myself this microplane.  Best thing ever!  Zest from lemons, limes and oranges add such a wonderful flavor to dishes but can be a pain to get (I always cut myself).  But a microplane makes life so much easier.  

Another great use is for hard cheese. We have started buying a big chunk of parmigiano reggiano from Costco and whenever we want fresh grated cheese just start microplaning it right into the dish (or pizza sauce!).



  1. Dude, I want a microplane! I don’t know why I have never bought one. Every time I see Ina Garten use one on her show I swoon and think “I need to get one of those!”

    Glad you made it home safe!! xoxo

  2. put me on the list for wanting one too!!

    and BTW creating a registry for those of us that have yet to buy wedding gifts would be a lovely way to spend some of that time you have on your hands.

  3. I have one too! I love it!!! Did you know you can buy different attachments for it? They have different sized wholes on the blades on the different attachment. I have one made for zesting fruit and one made for grating cheese. Check it out!!

  4. Different attachments!?!? Ooo, time to go shopping!!

  5. I am going to Kitchen Kaboodle this weekend to get one. It may inspire me to cook more.

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