Posted by: Emily | January 6, 2009

“Modern” age

Last weekend the whole family headed off to Sunriver for some family fun.  I rented a house with all the amenities including a hot tub.  However, the house did not have the internet.  It was pretty much ok, and some of us got hooked onto the neighbor’s internet but sometimes it got a little annoying to not be able to check the weather or traffic reports.  

My mom, Frenchie and I made it back to Portland on Sunday and I had to pick them up at the airport after they dropped off the rental car.  There was no real place to park except the arrivals area so I went to call them to let them know where I was.  But…My phone was dead!  I panicked that they would never find me and I would be circling the airport for hours.  Of course we found each other pretty easily but it made me realize my total reliance on my cell phone.  Then, when we arrived back at my mother’s house, the internet at her house wasn’t working!  After doing all the troubleshooting we could think of, it still didn’t work and we were resigned to be without the internet for a few days until Verizon could come fix it.  Ugg, I actually felt myself longing for it.  I think my internet addiction is almost as strong as my coffee addiction except I feel physically worse when I miss my coffee but physically better when I’m not on the computer as much (the usual neck and wrist pain).  

As soon as we didn’t have the internet I realized I had a bill to pay that I only knew how to pay online, and library books to renew, which I only know how to do online.  We tried to think of somewhere we could sit with wireless internet.  I know there are some great websites that list businesses with wifi, but we couldn’t search for them!  I was almost stumped.  Luckily my mother has come across this problem before and knew that the local pub chain, McMenamins, has wifi.  So we were off to whet our whistle, in more ways than one.  Had a couple beers, checked our email, paid our bills and left feeling a bit dorkier than usual, but satisfied.  The addiction at bay for a few more hours.  

Now I’m back in Boston with our own internet that thankfully is working and Frenchie and I have immediately resorted to our positions at the computer.  And my wrist and neck are hurting already.  Maybe I should schedule random internet “blackouts” to break our addiction!



  1. I have the same internet addiction. You may have noticed that the computer that you guys have outside your bedroom isn’t quite the way you left it? I tried to hop on it to play on the internet and realized it was being used as a dual screen thing and then I freaked out and didn’t know what I was doing and called Tim. I ended up just reading while I was there and not messing with your technology anymore! 🙂

    I got an ipod touch for Christmas, now I can check my e-mail and facebook in the middle of the night without getting out of bed!

    Yeah… I have a problem…

  2. Cool! I was going to leave you info about the internet. You should have just called me!!

    The ipod touch is so awesome. I got Frenchie one for Christmas but he won’t ever let me play with it!

  3. I didn’t want to bother you. Besides, I had my book with me! I managed! 🙂

    You can play with my ipod touch next time I see you!

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