Posted by: Emily | December 30, 2008

A sad story and resolutions

Something crazy happened the other day and I haven’t been able to tell the story to anybody so instead I am going to tell it to the internet.  It was sort of traumatizing so I feel like maybe if I get it out I will be able to stop thinking about it.  

Frenchie, my mom and I decided to go for a walk last Tuesday to get some exercise and buy a little food.  There is a store about a mile from my mother’s house in a community called Forest Heights so we started walking.  On the way, there is a park with a pond that I have gone to and played in since they were first building the development.  I even swam in the pond before the fences and signs were put up to keep people out.

As we walked by the pond we noticed a commotion and looked over.  There we saw the dog.  At first I didn’t think much of it.  The dog was swimming in the pond.  Dogs do that sometimes!  The thing was, the pond was partially frozen and the dog had fallen through and was swimming around in a circle cut out of the ice.  He couldn’t get out.  A young girl was screaming for the dog to come to him and trying to slide her way on the ice to get closer to him.  

When I really took in the scene I started to realize what was probably going to happen and started to get that panicked, adrenalin rush.  This was not looking good.  My first thought was of course that we should do something!  But what?  We thought about just continuing on and letting the situation run its course (there were a few other people trying to help already) so that we didn’t have to get involved.  Then we saw a man trying to go out to help and fall through the ice (if I DOG can’t walk out there without falling through a 200 pound man can’t do it, which seemed obvious to us but apparently not to them).  The man got out of the ice and then his wife proceeded to try to walk on a different path.  She fell through and started screaming.  At this point we realized that we were the only people with cell phones and maybe it was time to call the police.  I wasn’t sure if the woman was going to get out ok and it seemed like maybe the authorities needed to be there to keep others from risking their lives on the ice.  So I dialed 911.  This was my first time dialing 911 and it was a crazy experience.  The operator was very nice and sent the call.

The woman did make it out.  The fire department were on their way.  Neighbors started to get involved and brought rope, sleds, ladders.  The young girl’s father showed up and also fell through the ice.   The dog continued to swim, but was starting to slow down.  Even thinking about it now is so awful.  Luckily, Frenchie was obviously thinking more straight than the rest of us and suggested that somebody get a boat.  I know, seems obvious but when you are in the crisis mode you sometimes forget the obvious!  He relayed his ideas to the neighbors.

Finally we decided to leave and let the police and firemen handle the situation.  We went to the store, got some coffee, sat in silence.  Unfortunately the only way to get back home was to go through the park again so we would have so see the aftermath from the situation.  When we walked back through there was a kayak sitting on the bank of the pond, a path to the hole with the dog and the dog was not swimming anymore.  We decided to tell ourselves that the boat took the dog and everything was fine.  We warned another family happily walking their dog off the leash to keep an eye on her, but I don’t think they understood.  

I really want to believe that everything turned out ok.  It is possible that I am in denial because things may not have turned out ok.  But I think I’m glad we didn’t stick around to find out.  It wasn’t our drama to be apart of.  

This story sort of leads to my resolution.  I have always wanted to KNOW things.  All the possibilities, everything that is happening.  I have also struggled a lot with anxiety and in the past year have realized that sometimes it is better to look away.  To not google my symptoms.  To not get involved when it isn’t my drama (or my business).  I am sure my life will be filled with enough heartache and drama, I do not need to gather more.  So I guess my New Year’s Resolution is to mind my own business.  Except when it is necessary to butt in.  And the wisdom to know the difference (isn’t that an AA saying?)

What are your resolutions?



  1. I hope it all turned out OK. I guess, in keeping with your AA saying, you did the right thing to butt in when you did by calling 911 and coming up with the boat idea. I think you guys probably made a big difference!

    I agree with the standing around gawking thing. It’s hard not to be curious and I think a lot of people want to be able to help, but big crowds don’t usually make anything any better or easier!

    Sorry you had such a rough day. I really hope the dog is fine.

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