Posted by: Emily | December 28, 2008


Something weird is happening to me since our vacation started. I have completely stopped exercising and I cannot get off my butt AT ALL!! I know that it is making me cranky and making my muscles ache but it takes all my energy to get off the couch to pick up another Christmas cookie.

It would help a lot if my husband was the type that liked to exercise but alas, the word “exercise” invokes a sneer and a glass of wine. Not very motivating.

My only goal for today is to cook the 2.5 pounds of beef I bought to make a stew, even though we probably won’t eat it until tomorrow because we are going out for dinner tonight again. Hopefully somewhere with vegetables. This stew is going to be amazing though. Stay tuned.

What is it about being home for the holidays that brings my laziness to another level?



  1. I hear ya! I don’t know how I’m going to get motivated for school next week. I don’t feel like moving at all lately!!! I just want to relax ALL THE TIME! I had planned on doing so much during my vacation… At least I have another week I guess. Maybe I’ll get antsy to feel accomplished!

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