Posted by: Emily | December 17, 2008

Why Mars and Venus Collide

If you are in a relationship I suggest you read this book. I got it from the library but I think I might buy it so I can read again and again (as needed).

John Gray goes through how men and women react differently to stress and how that affects relationships. That part is interesting with a lot of “I TOTALLY agree with that!” moments but the best part is that he gives you actual solutions and tips on what to do. I’ve already put a couple of these tips into action and it has totally worked!

Needing a partner is not a weakness. It is why we partner up. Men and women just have different primary needs. Men need to feel needed, and women need to feel they are not alone. Just as a woman is happiest when she feels she is getting what she needs from her partner, a man is happiest when he feels successful in meeting his partner’s needs. This is an important distinction. We certainly need each other, but for different reasons.

The book is called, Why Mars and Venus Collide: Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress
by John Gray. Seriously, you need this book.


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