Posted by: Emily | December 6, 2008

Save the Last Dance

Frenchie and I have been taking a dance class at the Brookline Adult Education center called Club Latin. Apparently this was to prepare us for dancing in a salsa club so on the last class a few of us headed over to Ryles Dance Club for their latin night. I thought this would be a fun opportunity to dress up a little bit, out of my usual lounge pants you know. I put on a cute skirt and tights and we headed out.

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and everybody is wearing jeans and you are wearing a frilly skirt? At that moment you feel like, well, the only person wearing a skirt in a room full of jeans. EVERY female in the club was wearing tight jeans, a slutty shirt and strappy sandals. I am not even exaggerating. OK, one woman was wearing a dress but she was about 65. Umm, maybe the dress code could have been part of the curriculum of the Club Latin dance class?

Normally I am not very concerned with my clothing and “fitting in” but since I was already self conscious about our horrible dancing, having COMPLETELY the wrong outfit did not help. These dancers were amazing and we looked like, well, beginners. By the last dance I did finally chill out and just have fun but that required me to not look down at my outfit at all during the night.

Ugg, brought back horrible memories of pre-teen years when I was a foot taller than everybody in my class and Tiffany Berger made fun of my side ponytail.



  1. that’s a funny story…even though i can imagine it was difficult at the time.

    by the way…side ponytails were the shit in the late 80s! especially if you were wearing hypercolor and Z-cavaricci’s

  2. Heck-yeah!! Side ponies rocked!!
    I am pretty sure your Traditional Salsa dancing does not entail dressing up like a two-bit Hooker.

  3. I think side ponies might be making a comeback. I keep seeing sorority girls in the subway with juicy sweatpants tucked into their uggs and side ponies.

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