Posted by: Emily | December 3, 2008


I have to vent about my French class a little. We had a makeup class this week so I had class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s like I was in France this week! Ok, maybe not, but it was a lot of crazy French teacher. Our teacher is pretty nice but not such a great teacher. She doesn’t speak any English so she asks us to do things in French but we have no idea what she is asking so she just keeps repeating herself. Lady, you can repeat that sentence 57 times and I’m still not going to know what you are saying! Eventually she’ll just give up and ask something else or do some pointing. She gets obsessed with certain things, like teaching us the difference between types of kisses and pointing to her tongue to explain, what we call, French kisses. Gross!

Besides the weird teacher, one of the students is equally strange. I’ll call her P. I told her near the beginning of the course that I was married to a French man and she started to get excited and suggested he give her private lessons. Ok, that’s a little weird, but whatever. Then a couple weeks ago we went to an open house at the French Library and P was there. I introduced P and Frenchie and she got very excited and talked to him the whole time, asking him many things about France and French movies. This was a little strange but she is obviously a Francophile and kind of socially weird so didn’t think much of it.

Yesterday, though, she took it a little further. Two of us in class are married and the two others are single so we were talking about our statuses and all of the sudden, P says, “I’m waiting for Emily to divorce her husband so I can marry him.” Huh? Seriously lady? I mean, she sort of laughed while she said this but isn’t that a totally inappropriate thing to say? Then, today after class P wanted to go out for coffee so, seeing as I had nothing else to do, I joined her. Twice in our conversation she said she wanted to marry Frenchie. I had no idea how to respond to this so I just sort of ignored it. What would you have said? I mean, I barely know this woman and she keeps saying she wants me to get divorced and steal my husband. I spent the whole conversation trying to think of something witty and equally as weird to say to her to “get her back.” But, as usual during these opportunities in life, my mind went blank. We have two more classes so if you have any suggestions let me know.



  1. Wow. I thought she sounded nutty when you told me about her a couple of weeks ago! I can’t believe she upped the ante!

  2. Whoa, totally crazy b*tch! If it had just been one or two comments, I think you just fake laugh and change the topic of conversation. But this lady has clearly crossed the line. Next time she says it, just tell her she is being rude and you would appreciate her not rooting for your marriage to fail. You could start crying to make her feel bad or you could add something like ‘Frenchie thinks you’re a total dog anyway, so if we get divorced, he’d never be into you anyway.’ And then move across the room so you don’t have to sit next to her and chat. Oh, and after that, going out to coffee probably won’t be a good idea šŸ™‚ love, sarah o.

  3. Ok, it’s going to take me a sec to get past the “franco-filly” thing! That is so hilarious!

    First of all, this chick is a whack job. I’m sorry, but you don’t make those kinds of comments! I would go with the avoidance method from now on. Just a casual “hi” at class if need be, but I just wouldn’t talk to her.

    (Either that or tell her to pack her ass up and move to France is she likes it so fucking much!)

  4. Ha! I like the idea of crying but I’ll probably just go with the avoidance method. Luckily the class is almost over.

  5. What a nut-job. I say sit far away from her from now on and practice your best Frenchwoman “stare of death” on her.

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