Posted by: Emily | December 2, 2008

Our tiny Christmas tree

Our tiny Christmas tree
Originally uploaded by etjarrell

We found a Christmas tree in a pot at Russo’s. We wrapped the bottom in a cape that Frenchie had. Yes, he owns a cape, you have a problem with that?

The tree is a Dwarf Alberta Spruce which we unfortunately found out later will not survive inside for long. So we will be rotating it outside periodically because it would be really sad if it died! Although it will probably die anyway because I have that effect on plants. Unlike the rest of my family, I was born without the green thumb.



  1. I love your cute tree!

    I saw your comment on my blog about planks. I used to hate them too, but what I tell my “students,” is BREATH and focus on your hands (wiggle your fingers) and stare at the floor. It’s all about focus and breathing! Give them a try! 🙂

  2. It’s awesomely cute….I love the fact that Frenchie has a cape! I can totally see that!

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