Posted by: Emily | November 28, 2008

Gobble gobble highlights

– Standing in line for 45 minutes at the neighborhood bakery to buy bread for dinner and stuffing. It would not have been so bad to stand there with my coffee, smelling fresh bread, except that the lady next to me felt the need to talk stream of consciousness about her whole life. After the bakery I hit Trader Joe’s where the wine guy told me all about his Thanksgiving plans, in way too much detail. I guess I just bring out the chattiness in people. Of course when I got home with four loaves of bread Frenchie informs me that those are too beautiful to use in stuffing so we had to ask one of our guests to bring bread.

– Frenchie massaging the turkey with butter. Hopefully he will give me permission to post the video on here because it’s funny.

– Me waking up at 5:30am to make the pies which included pureeing pumpkin, followed by “What the hell are you blending?”

– Mismatched dishes, tables, chairs, glasses and silverware. Food being served in measuring cups because that was all we had left! Me realizing that we really should have married in the traditional way where we give people a night of food, cake and dancing, and they bring us some freakin’ serving platters!

– Me realizing that it didn’t matter how the food was served as long as it tasted good and people enjoyed eating it

– “This is the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had!” : )

– Tons of potatoes, none made by me, thank goodness.

– My first ever turkey and gravy was a complete success. I had lots of compliments and I also thought it was good. The gravy was a lot of work though. I might have to do some exploring with gravy recipes in the future. The turkey and gravy recipe I ended up using was from Bon Apetit of course. Roast Heritage Turkey with Bacon Herb and Cider Gravy. Of course we didn’t actually use a “heritage turkey” but it probably didn’t make that much of a difference. If I can ever afford a heritage turkey, I will definitely use this recipe to prepare it!

– More posting to come, as soon as blogger starts to work properly. Check out more pics at Flickr.



  1. Definitely the best pumpkin pie ever! And I’m still super impressed with your turkey!

  2. Thanks! Not tired of the leftovers yet.

  3. It all sounds great to me! I am right there with you on the cookies, Em. I tried to get Ben to make a batch last night, but the poor guy felt terrible so we will wait another day!

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