Posted by: Emily | November 27, 2008

Goddess Grunt

I recently had the realization that I go to an old lady gym. That’s right. I’m 27, and I work out like an old lady, with old ladies. This was pointed out to me by an anonymous review on the internet, and ever since I read it I’ve started noticing things. First, the gym does not play music. I noticed this when I first joined but thought maybe it was just a bare bones gym. This is the first independent gym I’ve gone to and I didn’t know how it worked! Second, if you go in the middle of the day or the morning there are only old ladies (this was a pretty big sign). Third, there is a woman in one of my classes that wears a unitard, kind of like the one below, but on a much larger lady. More power to her, but I’m pretty sure this one is the same one she had in the 70s when she was Jazzercising.

I usually go to the classes in the evening because a) I don’t like entertaining myself between 4-7 (that’s another story) and b) I like to watch Ellen in the morning (yup, still unemployed). After 4 or 5pm the crowd is a little younger; the teachers from the area or students. Then I don’t feel so young. Yesterday, however, I decided to go to yoga in the morning and found myself a good 30 years younger than the next youngest person in the room, perhaps including the teacher. The class started and got moving pretty slowly but I had hopes that it would pick up. Oh…it did. At the climax of the class we did the goddess pose (below) and all of the sudden all the women started sighing. “ahhhhh” “ahhhhh” each time we went in and out of the pose. Then the teacher said to pick up the pace and all the women started loudly grunting! “grah” “grah” It took everything I had not to laugh!

I still like this gym but I wonder if I would be getting a better workout with music playing and harder classes not catering to the older crowd. At least it’s entertaining!



  1. Eh, I don’t know….

    I like our gym because it is kind of lower end, so only the people who genuinely want to work out go there. I can’t stand Spandex Queens prancing around in full make-up trying to catch the attention of the bulky dude who has huge muscles but never seems to do anything except stand by the weight machines. I find it easier to get sweaty and red faced when nobody is paying any attention and looks the same.

    (I do have to say though, if I ever saw anyone in a jazzercise getup, I would probably lose it. How can you NOT laugh at that?)

    Hope your day was good yesterday!! We only had slight food drama when I tossed an entire skillet of green beans on the floor. Thank God Ben had his brain on and figured out a way to kind of scoop it up and keep it edible! We missed you guys! xoxo

  2. Ha! I totally hear you on the gym thing. I really like that my gym is only women because I definitely don’t have to worry about the prancing and flirting. There was this other older lady at the weight machine the other day who was making this horrible grunting noise every time she lifted anything. A bunch of us were waiting for a class to start and had to listen to her and give her weird looks.

    I’ll post about Thanksgiving soon. Go Ben for saving the green beans! At least it wasn’t the turkey!!

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