Posted by: Emily | November 23, 2008

So far..

We bought the turkey and about half of what we needed at Costco, even in our hungover state. Plus a bunch of stuff we didn’t need of course, because that is how Costco works. Frenchie: “Check out that beef (with stars in his eyes). We should get this. I mean 8 lbs of beef chuck is kind of a lot, but we can always freeze it. And it is only $3.59 a pound! Oh, and look over here! 2 whole chickens for 10 bucks! What a deal!” Emily: “Hey, can you pick up that gallon of whipping cream?” Frenchie: “Are you sure we need all of that?” Emily: (rolls eyes) “It’s Thanksgiving!”

You all know what I mean… Well, my family does at least. Whipped cream is important. Way more important than the turkey.

The turkey was a “Fresh, Young Turkey” for 99 cents a pound. Hells yeah! Cheap and I don’t need to defrost it. We were wondering; if the young turkey is so cheap, the “Not so fresh, and not so young turkeys” must have been really cheap. Those were apparently sold out though because we didn’t see them. : )
Anyway, we went for one that is 20.09 pounds. For the upcoming year (which is going to be a great year, BTW).

I’ve come up with most of the menu.


Roasted Hazelnuts (from my grandparents farm)
Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn (if I don’t eat it all before Thursday)
Cranberry Champagne Cocktail


Cider gravy
Fennel, sausage, squash stuffing
Mashed potatoes (brought by a guest, so I don’t have to worry about it)
Green beans with shallots
Sweet Potatoes (still figuring out how I’m going to prep these)
Cranberry sauce (still working on this recipe too)
Brussel sprouts with buttered pecans
Rolls (I’m trying out a recipe tomorrow to see if making them is a possibility. If not, buying them somewhere)

Pumpkin pie
Apple pie with walnut streusel
Lots of whipped cream

I can tell you are all jealous now. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?



  1. I get to have two Thanksgivings! One on Wednesday with the moms and one on Thursday with the dads. Mmmmm.

  2. try the rolls from the pioneer woman! Then tell me if they’re worth adapting to my dairy free lifestyle. Your menu sounds amazing!

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