Posted by: Emily | November 9, 2008

Wii Fun!

My gift from Frenchie for passing the bar was a Wii. I know that is kind of a silly gift for a professional to receive, but it is really good wholesome fun. Wholesome, that is, if you aren’t listening to the incessant swearing from my hubby. It’s like a Quentin Tarantino movie in our living room while he is playing Rayman Raving Rabbids. Freakin’ hilarious.

Today though, our big Saturday night plan was to eat some Vietnamese food and then go to the Game Stop to buy a new game. We ended up with a zombie game (because what guy doesn’t dream of shooting zombies) called Resident Evil. This game has brought out the French swearing. Now it is like Reservoir Dogs with French dubbing. I just laugh and laugh while he plays.

The Wii was a great invention. Keeping our marriage fresh one swear word at a time.



  1. Remember when I was telling you about a goofy wii game that involves pretending to shave and all that stuff? I remember what it is. It’s Wario Ware. Soooo much fun!

  2. I love the wii. 🙂 I want a wii fit!

  3. Have you played Mariocart? I’d say that’s my favorite so far….it’s addicting!

  4. That’s so cool you got a wii! I love wii! We are really into tennis. boxing is so funny. I love the matching game but no one else does so no one wants to play it with me. We have the rabbit game too! Jill got me an ugly doll that looks exactly like one of the rabbits!!

  5. Those rabbits give me nightmares!

    Mariocart is on my Christmas list. Yes, I am 27, not 7.

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