Posted by: Emily | November 3, 2008

Stayin’ at the Ritz

My friend was coming to New York for work and found that she could stay at the Ritz at Battery Park for a very good price and she nicely invited me to join her! Wow. This is definitely the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The only problem is, it turns out that at the nice hotels, they charge you for everything! So I’m afraid to even touch the mini shampoo bottles for fear it will end up on her bill. Of course I still did and it was wonderful. I also used their amazing fitness center this morning on the 14th floor with towels and water at every machine along with your own personal TV.

The staff seems also really nice and not snooty at all, which is good, because I obviously do not belong here.

I’m trying to figure out what I should do while I’m here. All my friends are at work during the day so I’m entertaining myself. Any suggestions?



  1. Awesome!! If you’re up for some shopping on the cheap…I never miss Chinatown when in NYC. Canal St is where it’s at…and it’s right next to little Italy…yum. Now I’m jealous!!

  2. OMG! So fun! Are you seeing Besty and Molly? I took Jill to the Ritz for high tea when she got engaged. It was so much fun! I just made your cookie batter and icing!! I’m going to bake them tonight. I made red and blue icing. Even though I got 60 cookie cutters for my wedding I don’t have a donkey!Ahhhhh!!! It will have to be elephants and lions!!! Have fun in NYC!!!

  3. The Ritz!?? Holy shit, that sounds like fun!

    Take some pics for me!

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