Posted by: Emily | November 1, 2008

Who brought the generic candy?

Halloween turned out to be a lot of fun this year! I started off the day by carving a pumpkin while watching Baby Stories on Discovery Health (I know, there is something wrong with me). Frenchie drew the pattern and I implemented it. Not too bad!

Then my friend called for a lunch date downtown which was tons of fun. I had some disappointing beef chow fun at Penang but her beef rendeng (sp?) was really good. Now I know what to order next time! It was super crowded in Downtown Crossing. There are always a lot of characters down there so it was hard to tell who was dressed for Halloween and who dresses like that every day.

When I got home, our neighbor had invited us over to give out candy, drink wine and eat pizza so I brought over the pumpkin, my bowl of candy and some Italian wine (to go with the pizza of course). It turns out that our neighborhood is Halloween central. I had NO idea because I’ve never been here for Halloween and Frenchie usually comes home from work too late. People come from all over Boston to see the decorations on the streets and beg for candy around so we wandered through and checked them out. It was fun to wander with my neighbor because she has lived here for many years and knows everybody’s stories. I hope to someday find a neighborhood like that, where all our kids go to school together and we all know each other.

This guy turned his front porch into a pirate ship! Very elaborate.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun to see all the kids dressed up and remember what it was like when I used to go trick or treating. I found myself feeling bad that we bought the mixed assortment with smarties because wasn’t that always a disappointment? It is amazing to think of the time when what sort of candy you were handed was the most important thing. I tried to hand some smarties to one boy and he said, “I don’t want that crappy candy! Give me some chocolate!” Although he was obviously a very rude little boy and I kind of wanted to give him a little slap, I let him have the chocolate because the kid had a point. Chocolate trumps everything.

Of course I was a little sad because by the end of the night all my 3 Musketeers bars were gone. Time to hit the half price candy sales!



  1. Hmmm… I loved smarties when I was little! They were my favorites! Glad last night was so much fun! That pirate ship house looks awesome!

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