Posted by: Emily | October 30, 2008

Adventures from last Sunday. Am I a Carrie or a Miranda?

Last Sunday we visited the South End Open Market which was awesome and of course it was the last one of the season! There are tons of artists there selling their wares but it isn’t cheesy stuff, like, say, the Eugene Saturday Market. More like Portland Saturday Market. They were having a vendor costume contest which was pretty hilarious.

I definitely understand why people like the South End. After the market we went to the South End Buttery where we had an awesome brunch (butternut squash soup and an awesome salad) but a very not awesome pumpkin cheesecake. I think they accidently used salt instead of sugar. It did not taste right at all. But other than that it was a good experience. I mean, the name has the word “butter” in it. How could you not go?

That night Frenchie and I went to see Keith Jarrett, the infamous jazz diva. I accidently fell asleep before the concert and Frenchie was working so we both realized at the same time that it was suddenly time to go. There was no time to change clothes, brush hair, or put on makeup (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Because we live in Boston and the concert was at the Symphony Hall, people were dressed up. Anyway, while we were waiting for the T, Frenchie’s ex called saying she had an extra ticket. Now, there is quite a story behind this ex but I am definitely not going to get into that here. Let’s just say, we’ve never really hung out and actually have never seen each other post Frenchie and I being together but Frenchie and her still talk a lot so it is kind of weird. I am definitely not the jealous type but running into her was not at the top of my to-do list. Especially in this state.

Once he got the phone call I realized that we were going to see her at the concert, that perhaps Frenchie knew she was going to be there and hadn’t told me and, my worst fear, that we would be going out for a beer afterwards. After establishing that he didn’t know she was going to be there and therefore he could live through the night, I started hoping maybe we just wouldn’t run into each other. Of course, we walk up to the Hall and there is a big group of glamorous French folks standing around and Frenchie starts chatting with them. I start trying to disappear. Then we saw the ex. She was glamourous, with perfect makeup and cool jewelry and I was oafish and awkward, which is actually how I always feel around the French and this was no exception. After some awkward conversation it was time to go inside.

The concert was pretty awesome but I spent a long time thinking about what would happen after the concert. What were we going to talk about? How was I going to cover the zit on my chin before the concert ended? If we ended up going out, what sort of drink would I order that could double as food because we hadn’t eaten before the concert and obviously I couldn’t order food?

Luckily, since it was Sunday night and the concert went sort of long, nobody wanted to go out. Phew. Dodged that bullet. Except of course that we all had to discuss how we could would hang out “soon.” I’m pretty sure that means never, but we’ll see. I’m not opposed to the idea, I just need a lot of prep. That’s fair right?


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