Posted by: Emily | October 28, 2008

What was I thinking?

I have discovered another problem with being an unemployed housewife. Certain really bad ideas suddenly sound good! Like buying a box of “Light Amber Brown” hair dye. “You didn’t actually use it though, right? On your beautiful golden blond hair?” you are asking yourself. Ahhh…What Was I Thinking!?!?!??!?!

I made a huge mistake. I have never been that picky about my hair (see earlier post about unpickiness). My philosophy is usually that it will grow back! This time feels different. I now understand those melodramatic women who say they will never leave the house again after a bad haircut except maybe to buy more hats. Maybe I’ll just become one of those hat people. I look pretty good in hats!

My hair is now orange. Well, the top layer, where I had beautiful expensive highlights is orange and the bottom layer is brown. It looks, well, exactly like I just picked up a box of hair dye and made a very bad decision. However, since Halloween is right around the corner I was thinking maybe I could spin this as part of my costume.

Any ideas on characters with horrible orange hair dye jobs?

Has anybody else ever ruined their hair and lived to tell the tale?

ugg, I’m going back to bed.



  1. Well, let’s see… I turned my hair greenish purple once, courtesy of Miss Clairol light Ash blonde. Let’s just say it ended in an unflattering cut that made me look like a man for approximately three months until I could do something else with it. And this was after I had to pay 200 bucks to get it back to a human color.

    Does this count?? Oh, and it was three days before I left the country for a year in Mexico. Huge white woman with shocking white hair? Not so fun.

    Find a good salon and have it fixed. They can work miracles on box dye jobs!!

  2. That definitely counts and makes me feel a little better. After forcing myself to look in the mirror this morning I may have overreacted a little. I guess it isn’t orange, more of a fake red.

    I’m too embarrassed to go to a hairdresser but I guess I’ll have to get over that if I ever want to live hat free. Or I could go for the Mr. Clean look!

  3. I’m guessing you didn’t get the kind that washes out (well… mostly) after a couple weeks?

    Don’t worry Emily! I’m sure you still look beautiful!

  4. I voluntarily dyed my hair purple in college. Many times. Then, after college, while growing out the really short ‘do (which took FOREVER), my hair lightened to orange as the dye “washed out.”

    I second the idea to find a good salon and let them do their magic.

  5. i’ve been seriously contemplating going from my natural reddish medium brown to a more coppery red for some time now. every time i go to the store and walk past the boxes of dye i think “maybe…” but then i realize how badly i’d screw it up and the fact that really, in order to get the color i want, i need to bleach my hair first, and the thought of doing it wrong and all my hair falling out… needless to say i’m still reddish medium brown. 🙂

    i’m sure some day you’ll look back and laugh. did you at least get pics? would be great for warning potential future daughters of the horrors of box hair dye.

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