Posted by: Emily | October 25, 2008


The last couple of days Frenchie has been coming home from a conference on cancer research all excited and telling me about new research breaking the frontiers of science. Half of it I don’t understand, but some of the concepts aren’t too hard to grasp and I was getting excited also. I used to be a cancer nerd. My senior year in college my favorite book was Folkman’s War all about how Judah Folkman discovered angiogensis. Then he turned out to be our graduation speaker! My friend Rachel and I were the only ones who a) had any idea who he was and b) were excited so we got to go out to lunch with him and got really dorky pictures taken with him. Anyway, Frenchie’s stories made me miss working in science.

Then it was my turn to talk about my day.

Em: “I was looking up recipes for chili today but I wasn’t coming up with anything”

Frenchie: “umm-hm”

Em: “I was spelling it like the country, Chile, and I thought, maybe I’m spelling it wrong, but I couldn’t think of how to spell it correctly!”

Frenchie: fake laugh

Em: “Isn’t that funny? I, um, couldn’t remember how to spell chili…um, yeah.”

Frenchie: leaves room, probably still pondering life-saving cancer research ideas

Em: realizes that this is the worst story ever told and tries to think of a better one. Only other thing I could come up with was how I accidently stole Real Simple from the gym while leaving my brand new Shape magazine there. Decided to keep that one to myself so as not to bore Frenchie right out of our marriage.

This was on Thursday, so Friday I felt slightly inspired and applied for some jobs. Was rejected by one is less than hour, although he did offer me a volunteer opportunity! Thanks a lot buddy. The other one I sent by snail mail so I’m sure it will take at least a week to reject me.

UPDATE: Went back to the gym to try to trade the magazines back but my SELF (it was a SELF, not a SHAPE) was gone! Stupid gym thieves. Now I’ll never know how to blast my buns and flush my fat.



  1. This reminds me of when I was trying to do a research paper about mums in college, and I couldn’t find shit about it because they are really called Chrysanthemums. Um, yeah. It only took me about a week of panicking until my professor clued me in.

    Granted this was before Google (GASP!) but still….

    Did you end up making any “Chile”? Elise at has a good one for next time 🙂

  2. BTW, is it any wonder I didn’t make it as a biology major? Everyone else is doing research about the cellular structure red v. white blood cells and I am looking up fucking flowers in the library??

  3. The chili was ok. A little too healthy tasting (it was a WW recipe).

    That’s hilarious about the mums. I probably would have done the same thing. I am the only Jarrell with absolutely NO interest in plants.

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