Posted by: Emily | October 21, 2008

Warning. This is gross!

I decided to have a little snack before going to my cardio flex class at the gym tonight. I grabbed a Kashi GoLean bar that, um, has been in our cupboard for a few months. I started munching down, feeling energized about going to the gym (which I haven’t been feeling in a while).

I just happened to look a little closer at my trail mix bar and saw that it looked a little funny. There were little whitish flecks on it that I didn’t remember being there on the other bars I had eaten. At first I thought it was just flax seeds because, although I have no idea what flax is or what it looks like, it sounds like something that would be in a Kashi bar and that’s what I picture it looking like.

Then…a tiny little worm poked its head out between an almond and a cranberry. After shrieking like a little girl and spitting out everything that was left in my mouth I proceeded to call Frenchie so he could tell me I wasn’t going to die. He didn’t answer!! So I did the next best thing, called my mother. Her suggestions were to either a) Have a drink because alcohol will kill whatever gross things I ate, b) take a laxative because that would get it out quicker or c) call poison control. Which did get me thinking that somebody should do an interview with poison control to see what sorts of weird calls they get. It must be interesting. Anyway, good suggestions mom, but I decided to just go to the gym anyway and hope that jumping around and sweating out my body weight would get my mind off the grossness. It totally worked, until I got home and started thinking about the incident again. I’m SOOOO grossed out!! Oh yeah, and when Frenchie finally called me back he just laughed at me and then tried to figure out how our Kashi bar got infected. He’s such a scientist! That was so not the point of the story.

Anybody else ever accidently eaten something totally disgusting? Or do these things only happen to me?



  1. hahaha…I was totally munching down on a Kashi bar as I read your post….it definitely made me stop and inspect it!

  2. Ewwww!!! I’ve never knowingly eaten anything like that, but I guess the key word here is “knowingly.” But I guess we’ve all swallowed a bug at one time or another!

    When I was little a friend of mine had an ant infestation. I guess she was eating cereal and looked at her spoon and there were ants! Since then I’ve always inspected my spoonfuls of cereal for unwelcome passengers!

  3. Hello,

    I bought a Kashi bar (go lean) today and while I was eating it I noticed some white looking fine strings of what looked like cocoon. I looked closer at my bar as I was munching away and there was a green worm moving about.
    I wanted to die, it was a FRESH bar just purchased from the store with a very current date on it.
    I contacted Kashi and I intend on suing them for this stress, so gross I will NEVER eat another Kashi bar or even a chocolate bar again.

  4. Oh my gosh!! That is so disgusting. They obviously have a problem. I definitely had not had one since. Yuck!!

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