Posted by: Emily | October 19, 2008

Something to love

…about Boston! I can be kind of a grump when it comes to Boston. Rude people trying to punch me or wagging their fingers at me. But there is something I love, when the Red Sox are in the playoffs. I wasn’t a fan before moving to Boston 6 years ago, nor did I even watch baseball, but it is infectious here. Especially after the season where they won for the first time in 87 million years, I was converted, much to the chagrin of die hard fans who say I don’t deserve to be a fan because I’m not a true Bostonian. Whatever, I’m sure the Sox don’t care who’s watching their games and buying their tickets!

The thing I love is how the city comes together. We went to a bar last night down the street from our house and everybody was high fiving and talking and yelling. It was like the good ol’ Bust a Bucket days! Of course, I was about 10 years old then and definitely not at a bar, but you get the point. Also in Boston you get the great city accent, especially if you go to a more divy bar. I swear the guy next to us was one of the Affleck brothers. He looked and sounded exactly like Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone. I think he thought I was a little weird because I kept staring at him instead of the game but I finally decided it wasn’t him.

Well, of course none of this is mind boggling to avid sports fans from all over. This must be why people like it so much! But it is something specific to the Red Sox for me, and something to love about being stuck in Brookline.



  1. Yay Emily! I am so proud that I was there helping you get infected five years ago! 🙂

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