Posted by: Emily | October 17, 2008


Does anybody have any suggestions for blogs I should read? I have a list of the ones I check on the left but I need more. These people don’t update enough (hint hint Margot).



  1. This one is fun in a vapid sort of way…..

    anything in particular that you want to read about? my friend has a marketing blog…if you’re interested

  2. Hmmm… there are blogs out there for everything! I could seriously spend all frickin’ day reading blogs, but I try and limit myself due to the fact that I have a job, a husband, a child, etc.

    Favorite cooking blogs:

    Favorite parenting blogs: (READ THIS! She is the funniest writer EVER and even if you don’t have kids, you will love her)

    Favorite time wasters:

    You should also check out waiter rant, and then do a google search for lawyer blogs! I read a few cop blogs, but they aren’t that interesting. Maybe you can find some professional blogs that are fun!

    We love you guys!!


  3. Thanks girls! sundrymourning is hilarious. Love it.

    What the heck is a marketing blog? : )

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