Posted by: Emily | October 16, 2008

Not so Great Expectations

The most annoying part about the debate last night was the commentary afterwards. I heard so many critics saying that McCain redeemed himself last night because he didn’t say anything stupid. Well, it was the same with the vice-presidential debate because everybody had such low expectations of Sarah Palin that when she didn’t drool on herself or curse out the mediator they said it was a success. Does this make him good enough to be President or her good enough to be Vice-President? The country had such low expectations of McCain because of the previous debates and his low ratings recently that it wasn’t hard for him to exceed those expectations!

I hope Americans are smart enough to realize that mediocre is not enough! And Obama has been consistently professional, well spoken and smart. Seems like an easy choice to me.

In other news, Joe the Plumber is not actually named Joe and he may not even be a plumber. Oops! Poor guy’s life was probably ruined by this debate.



  1. Agreed! I guess they were going with the Joe Six Pack, Joe the Plumber….Joe the tax delinquent. What’s next…Joe the Polar Bear Hunter?


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