Posted by: Emily | October 16, 2008

Did you just wag your finger at me?

After my French class today I stopped into a tea shop to buy some loose leaf tea and grabbed a cup of brewed tea. I stopped in the Pottery Barn to check out some overpriced throw blankets (so soft!) with my tea. No problemo. I continued walking and saw a newish store on Newbury Street called Zara. I have been to this store in Paris before, I think it is Spanish, and it is a European style store with H&M prices. I decided to take a quick look and opened the door. Right inside the door a man in a suit was standing there. It is not surprising to see a security guard in the stores in Boston so I didn’t think anything of it. However, as soon as I opened the door, he started wagging his finger at me! He didn’t say a word, just wagged his finger and stared at my tea cup.

Well, since I remember what it was like to be 5 years old, I assumed that I was doing something wrong and asked him if I could not have the drink in his store. He shook his head and so I awkwardly walked back out the door with my drink. It took me a couple minutes but as I continued down the street I started to get really pissed! I mean, first of all, why can’t I have a closed drink in their store? It’s not like they are selling $2000 T-shirts. It’s cheaper than the Gap for gosh sakes. Second, how about using your words stupid security guard. Where do you get off wagging your finger at me instead of nicely telling me that I can’t have a drink in your store? Finally, would you have done this to anybody who walked in your store? Was it because I was not dressed to Newbury street standards today? Did I look like I was going to drop my covered cup of tea on a $50 pair of pants because I did not put on makeup this morning and I was wearing a cheap T-shirt?

Grr, anyway, I’m over it now. But I was not that impressed with Zara in the first place and now I’m definitely not impressed.

PS. I’m watching the Presidential debates right now and McCain is totally bombing! I just hope the critics agree with me.



  1. Hey chica! That’s freakin’ crazy…I might have wagged my finger right back and continued to shop. Zara is an awesome store…they just opened one up here in the ATL. Wish I could have been drinking tea and shopping with ya! We totally could have taken that guy down!

    Anywho – I’m no critic, but I am a voter and McCain totally bombed last night…he’s so old, angry and crotchety!

  2. Since I remember what it is like to be five years old… that is so funny! I am not a fan of any kind of finger wagging, and I probably would have wagged my middle one right back. How about a sign on the door that says “No outside food or drink please” like every other store in America?

    BTW, McCain sucked ass – not your imagination!!

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