Posted by: Emily | October 14, 2008

Something almost happened today

My phone gave me it’s cheerful whistle at 6:50am this morning. As soon as I woke up enough to think, I knew that the one thing I had to look forward to this week was not going to happen. I was supposed to have a job interview this morning at 8:30am. I had my suit all laid out, I got new shoes (always a good luck charm) and googled the heck out of my interviewer. I was ready! But instead, here I am, another day stretching out in front of me with nothing productive to do. I mean except for the yoga and bootcamp class I’m planning on attending, which, while giving some structure to the day, does not contribute anything to society. It barely even contributes to my health since it doesn’t seem to matter how much I work out, everything is the same.

Someday I know I will miss this period of unemployment and I will be busy and stressed again. But for now I feel like a lump.



  1. What happened with the interview?? LOVE the shoes by the way!

  2. Oh, I guess the interviewer had a family emergency so we are going to reschedule. It could still work out. I’m just being a grouch. : ) The shoes are super comfy too!

  3. I was wondering about the shoe thing! I took a couple of pairs out of my closet and was going to take pictures of them so you could see, but I completely forgot about that until they got in my way yesterday! I think the shoes you bought are much better for an interview than my shoes would have been! 🙂

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