Posted by: Emily | October 9, 2008

Leef Peepers

Last weekend Frenchie and I ventured about 3 hours north to Rochester, VT. A tiny, adorable little town in Central Vermont. As soon as we crossed the border everything looked “vermonty.” I mean, even if you have never been to Vermont, I’m sure you have a picture in your mind of what it should look like. Well, in October at least, it definitely looks like that. Rolling hills of oranges, reds and browns, cute white churches, hippies selling baked goods and antique books, and many outdoorsy stores where you can get your very own fleece vest for $400. I must admit though, it was chilly there and those fleece items were very tempting.

When we got back to Boston fall had started here as well. It is absolutely beautiful. Everything smells good, the air is crisp, people are starting to wear their new boots and coats and apples are everywhere! It is hard to believe that in a month it will be snowing and bitterly cold. I guess we better enjoy this while it lasts!


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