Posted by: Emily | September 28, 2008

Goat Musk

Sorry it has been so long since I have written. Frenchie and I were on a cccrrraaazzzyy midwest vacation!! OK, actually it was not crazy, kind of boring, but it was the midwest, as evidenced by this picture…

Is that a giant aluminum cross, you ask? Why yes, yes it is. It’s located in a place called Effingham. Say it out loud. I thought it was funny.

AND this picture! That’s me with Bob the cow (who’s fate I don’t like to think about because he was the sweetest cow ever) and the baby goats.

AND this picture…

Yes, folks, we were on a farm. My dad and his wife’s farm with a farmstead cheese operation (which means they milk the goats and use the milk to make their own cheese) and organic fruits and vegetables. Frenchie got rubbed on by some of the male goats and had to leave a pair of his jeans in Illinois. Man, those things are musky!! It is almost mating season so the male goats do this little trick with their penises where they spray their face with a special type of urine with the aforementioned smell (Sarah, maybe you can help me out here). I saw Little Richy (one of the male goats) doing this and was completely mesmerized. Too mesmerized to get a video. Sorry.

We also saw praying mantis’ mating but we missed the part where the female eats the male. : (

My dad and his wife are in the donkey market so last Monday we drove down to Arthur, Illinois to the Amish live animal auction to look for a donkey. We didn’t find a donkey but I did find out that the Amish use cell phones and try to sell some pretty sad looking chickens.

On our way home we remembered why flying sucks and my dad has sworn to never go to the Willard airport again! When they tell you to arrive 30 minutes before the flight, they mean it! The reason is, the same people who work the counter take the bags out of the plane. Northwest airlines has 3 people working there so since we arrived 29 minutes before our flight they wouldn’t check us in and we missed it!!! So we got to stay another night and then drive to Chicago at 5am the next morning to get another flight. Luckily, since I’m unemployed and Frenchie’s job is very flexible, being gone another day wasn’t a disaster. Just an annoyance.



  1. Midwest is rather insane. Trust me I’ve lived here my whole life. well most of my life. I got out of the insane asylum for 3 years when I lived in Connecticut.

  2. Apparently based on a show i just watched, the amish teenagers also have crazy parties with drugs and alcohol (not that I’m judging or haven’t myself…but, ya know) The funniest part was that chicks even keep their bonnets on!

  3. Darnit. Frenchie and I should have tried to find one of those Amish parties. Would have made things a little more exciting!

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