Posted by: Emily | September 1, 2008

A little behind…Days Two and Three


I ran into my neighbor the other day and we realized that we both go to the same gym (I am slightly obsessed with my neighbor and her family, but that is another story). I was excited. She said I should check out the 8am yoga class on Saturday morning. Well, like I do anytime somebody new invites me to do something new, I had to debate this one. It is always a little scary to go to a new yoga class because you don’t know what the level will be like, what the teacher will be like, if you should bring your own mat, etc. At the last minute on Saturday morning I jumped out of bed and decided to go. She saw me coming up the driveway with my yoga mat and yelled out the window to wait for her. We walked the couple blocks to the gym together and I talked too much, like I sometimes do (it doesn’t help that she’s a psychiatrist so she is easy to talk to). She also invited us to a potluck, which will be Monday’s scary thing.

I was reminded after the class how much I enjoy yoga and how strong and peaceful it makes me feel. I am definitely going to try to bring yoga back into my life.


The rest of Saturday did not go so well. Let me just say, my sanity was tested many times. And Sunday was only slightly better. I guess the scariest thing I did on Sunday was to go to a lake with Frenchie and we went out on a canoe. Ok, the canoeing part wasn’t actually scary, but other parts of the day were, lets just say, trying.
It was beautiful and so nice to be out on the water, even if we could hear and see the freeway from the lake.

What I have learned over the past two days…

Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.
– Anne Shirley


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