Posted by: Emily | August 29, 2008

New Blog Theme Announced!

I haven’t thought of a name for the new blog yet, but the theme will be that I am going to do something every day scares me. Now, I think I will have to take the term “scare” loosely because there are some things that don’t so much scare me but I just really don’t want to do them. : ) I’m sure everybody can relate to that. Those will count.

I thought of this during Obama’s speech last night and the video they made of his life. Of course, it was produced in a way that was supposed to inspire us and make us impressed by his life of public service, but it made me think. Why do some people have so much courage and so much belief in themselves that they know they can serve others? I have always had the desire to help people and I often have the urge to talk to strangers who seem to be in distress. But I have always been too scared. For the past 27 years, I’ve had other excuses as well, like school or work or a personal life in shambles, but right now I spend my days watching TV, wandering the neighborhood and exercising. And it is not very fulfilling.

Now I’m sure eventually I will get a job and there will be multitudes of scary things to face every day, but for now I need a challenge. So I will post later with today’s moment of truth…


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