Posted by: Emily | August 29, 2008

Day One…foregoing craigslist

I am at an age where I can still remember a time before the internet and emailing became the only way to contact a person, when you had to go to a music store to buy your music and a bookstore to buy books, and when, if you wanted to buy something used, you had to look through the Thrifties or the classifieds, and then pick up the phone and inquire about the kitten, tractor, or rare iguana you were interested in. Even though I can remember these times, I have not picked up a phone to call a stranger in quite a while. It does not even occur to me, especially when email is a very viable and safe option! If I could do everything over the internet I would, and we are definitely heading that way.

But the other day Frenchie came home with a small strip of paper torn from an ad on a lamppost selling furniture. He thought it would be a good idea for me to call them because it seemed like it might be one of the beautiful Brookline houses which may therefore have some beautiful furniture, not the crap that people sell online. It is my job to make phone calls in our marriage because Frenchie is self-conscious about his accent (even though I think most people understand him) so the task was left to me.

I put it off. Because I was scared to make a random phone call! You have no idea who is going to be on the other line! I never even pick up a call unless I know who is calling and what type of person would just blindly pick up my call without even caller ID??

Of course that type of person is the older generation who still puts signs on posts with little tabs to rip off the phone number, that’s who. Obviously not somebody to be afraid of. So I called. She was nice, in a Boston sort of way, and said I should call back later to schedule an appointment to look at her furniture because she was busy with somebody else right then.

I’m already scared for the callback, but a little less than I was to make the initial call.

Day One – mission accomplished!


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