Posted by: Emily | August 25, 2008

Beautiful weekend

Boston had the most unbelievable weather this weekend. In the 80s, no clouds, no humidity. So Frenchie and I headed off to the coast on Saturday. We decided to go to Rockport, MA on the North Shore. It took about an hour to get there which moved quickly because we were listening to a hilarious book on CD called The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir Listen to it, it’s funny.

Going to the beach on the east coast is so different than a trip to the beach on the west coast.
First of all, you usually have to pay to park to go to the beach. Frenchie and I went to one beach a few years ago where they charged us $20 just to park! WTF! It was definitely not worth it.
Second, the beach towns are so picture perfectly cute you just want to throw up a little. Not that Oregon doesn’t have cute beach towns, but these are sickeningly cute (of course, they still sell the same cheap crap).
Third, the beach is insanely crowded. I mean, I remember going to beach, trying to pick a spot to sit and rejecting them because we could see other people. Here, you can see them, you can listen to their conversations, you can smell their sandwiches, and see the tatoos that can only be seen when they are in their skimpy bikinis. It’s not so much a much a bad thing, especially since I love eavesdropping on strangers, just very different.
We left the beach and walked around the cute town, thinking we should find some place to have a beer and watch the boats. As we walked around we noticed the complete lack of bars and restaurants serving alcohol. All of the sudden, like a lightbulb went off, we remembered that Rockport is a dry town! Another strange Massachusetts phenomenon. So we had to leave immediately. OK, actually we had some ice cream and then took off.

On Sunday we walked to this great bakery and our favorite store, TJ Maxx to buy more crap that we probably didn’t need. Then I decided I am going to try once again to play the guitar. I mean, I’m not really busy doing anything else right now, so why not? I’ll keep you updated on my progress.



  1. Even with the crowds and kitch, it is still so nice to get away from home for some ice cream, right??!

    I am glad you guys had a fun weekend!

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