Posted by: Emily | August 17, 2008


Frenchie and I went to the Newport Jazz Festival last weekend to see one of his favorite people, Wayne Shorter. We arrived a little late after the GPS system, “Garmin,” decided to have a mind of its own and took us on a bit of a wild goose hunt of Rhode Island. It really made me think how much we rely on technology now. If the GPS systems and google maps were to suddenly break, would we still follow them wherever they told us to go? Would we follow blindly while we drove in the opposite direction of our destination, just trusting this device? Well, it turns out we will!

Anyway, we got there and it was a gorgeous day in a gorgeous location but many of the seats on the lawn were taken. I led us through the maze and we sat down between two groups of what turned out to be giant douchebags. On our left there was the typical young couple who glared at us for sitting so close and could not even bear to move their giant bags so we could have a little more room. On our right, was a couple with a very unattractive man and cute woman who I think were on a first date or something. The guy was trying to impress her with such lines as “I know I am overweight but I have great blood pressure” and “I understand why you are the way you are.” I honestly believe it may have been this guy.

The night ended with Aretha Franklin who was awesome but slightly crazy and another wild ride home with Garmin. Whew, another New England adventure!



  1. Wow. That SF douchebag’s voicemail messages were astounding and hilarious! I’m so thankful that I’ve never encountered or had to sit near that!!!

    Google tried to kill me in Vermont in February. So, I feel your technology pain!

  2. *Snort*

    You are crackin’ me up! I love that message – I think I might actually know that guy!

    We miss you!

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