Posted by: Emily | August 4, 2008

I did it!!

The bar is finished!! For now at least. Since last Wednesday night life has been pretty darn good. I spent the first two days sleeping, watching TV, reading and basically doing nothing. Saturday my friend and I went back down to Eugene and hung out with friends which was really fun and a last hoorah to say goodbye to what was my home for the past three years.

Last Friday night I met with some old friends from high school. I graduated 10 years ago and haven’t seen some of those people since then. We are all surprisingly the same as we were in high school and my nervousness about having to tell everybody that I have no job nor do I know where I am going to live, was quickly assuaged by the fact that I felt completely at home with these girls. Reminiscing was hilarious, hearing stories about people that I had mostly forgotten. My actual high school reunion is supposed to be this fall, but I think I’ve seen most of the people I wanted to see already! Plus I have a new plan to go to Costa Rica this fall. Just need to dig up a little bit of money, a new bathing suit, put off getting a job and I’ll be off!


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