Posted by: Emily | July 16, 2008

Jump and Jab

I was feeling especially restless on Monday while trying to study so finally around 5:30 I decided to go to the gym. I usually only go to the same couple of classes but I decided to try a new one. Jump and Jab. I walked in with about 25 other women and saw the teacher was one that I had experienced before in my bootcamp classes. I swear she was actually in the military at some point because she is intense. So I was ready for a lot of jumping and jabbing, and boy was I right! The class was very crowded but I found a little spot in the back (furthest from the mirrors). Right before the class started this tall, blond woman with full makeup on (Boston style) comes in and stands next to me on my left so she could be next to her friend.

As we started jumping and jabbing, I was about a beat behind on all the moves because I wasn’t sure what I was doing and at one point we were supposed to shuffle to the right while punching to the right. I suddenly found tall makeup woman’s fist about an inch from my face and she wasn’t stopping! She did not even attempt to watch out for me, she just kept punching along like I was invisible for about a half hour! I finally just accidently punched her when we went the other direction and told her to wash her face before coming to the gym.

Ok, I didn’t really do that. Instead I left the class halfway through because she was annoying me. Someday though I will grow a backbone and tell people to just get out of my F-ing face. Or maybe I should just move back to the West Coast where people are nice and don’t try to punch you…



  1. Ok, I should not have read this on my lunch hour because I just about spit out my diet coke on the screen! You are so funny!

    There is this fah-REEKY guy in my step class that does DDR while we are all trying to exercise and it pisses me off listening to all of his clapping and toe slapping. So I am right with you on the annoying gym members!

  2. you totally should have done it!!!

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