Posted by: Emily | July 10, 2008


It was a beautiful day in Boston today. Not too hot, not too muggy, breezy and nice in the shade. I found myself wandering into the Brookline Farmer’s Market, hoping to buy some bread and see what else was in season. It made me so homesick for Oregon! It’s a tiny market with about 2 farmers, a meat guy, a cheese guy, a bakery and some random stuff. It’s not bad, but it was voted Best Farmer’s Market in the Boston area!! I mean, it’s just sad. Needless to say, they were out of bread, the only vegetables in season are beets apparently and I got too depressed to buy anything.

I miss Eugene and my friends. I miss Portland and my family. But most of all I miss Oregon and everything that makes it the perfect place to live. If I had some sort of plan about how to get there I think I would feel better but right now Frenchie and I are just in “wait and see” mode. Ahhh!!!

Well, I’m obviously feeling sorry for myself today. Better go back to the real world of studying secured transactions (what the hell are those you ask? I have no idea either. Uh-oh).


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