Posted by: Emily | July 9, 2008

Microsoft doesn’t want me to take the bar.

The computer saga continued this week. We went to Costco, exchanged the computer for a spanking new HP laptop which was surprisingly nice for a PC. Took it home, played with it and finally tried to download the bar exam software. I successfully downloaded it but when I tried to open it, a little error came up.

“Softexam not compatible with 64 bit”

WTF is 64 bit? I have no idea but it didn’t sound good. And it wasn’t. I frantically called my cousin, a computer expert, who told me I was screwed and needed to get an operating system that was 32 bit. Basically, a new computer. After a complete mental breakdown I called Frenchie, told him he had to fix this and he did. He went out, burned the credit card and bought a refurbished IBM ThinkPad with XP (apparently 32 bit) and got the program working just in time. This bar exam business is expensive!



  1. Dude, I am sorry… Again though, that liberal Costco return policy, right??

    Holy crap this lawyer stuff is complicated! At this point I would be

    A) Checking myself in the mental ward
    B) Contemplating becoming a doctor instead
    C) Having the worlds largest hissy fit, complete with tears and lots of chocolate

    Hang in there! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

  2. Hissy fit…check
    New career google search…check

    Mental ward…just give me a couple more days

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