Posted by: Emily | July 7, 2008

Costco doesn’t want me to take the bar

For all of you non-lawyers out there, the bar exam requires you to bring your own computer, install some ridiculously expensive software, and pray that it doesn’t break down. But, on top of that, it HAS to be a PC. Thanks for telling us that when we started law school and about half of us bought our shiny new Macs. I had a couple ideas about what I was going to do to solve this problem.

My mother works at Intel, she can probably get me a laptop! umm, not so much

I’ll borrow one from the school’s tech office! oops, forgot to do that

I know, I’ll make Frenchie let me borrow his computer because we are married now! That’s what marriage is for. Perfect.

His computer is a newer Mac so we could install Windows on it (some tricky way neither of us understood) and then install the exam taking software. Well, that turned out to be the best option until yesterday when I realized I only have three days to do download the software, Windows was on its way in the mail with an unknown arrival date, and there were already some preliminary problems with Bootcamp (which has something to do with running Windows on a Mac, don’t ask me).

New idea! We’ll go to Costco, buy the cheapest laptop they have, use it for the bar exam, then return it under their liberal 90 day return policy. Brilliant idea by Tesa (few and far between these days).

So we GPSed our way to Costco, found a computer, purchased the computer (along with a slice of their yummy pizza) and dragged ourselves to Frenchie’s office to check it out. After plugging in and pushing buttons, I turned it on and…the user was “Costco” and it was asking for a password. Hmm, I thought, that’s weird. Maybe that’s just because we bought it at Costco, the password must be “costco” or “password”. Hmm, neither of those work either. This is starting to look a little shady. “Oh, look at that, it’s all scratched up” “This was a GD display model they sold us and we can’t even use it because we don’t know the password!”

This better freakin’ work this time!!!


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