Posted by: Emily | June 30, 2008

Another 2 pounds?!?!

I recently moved to Boston to live with my husband and study for the bar exam. As soon as I got here I joined the closest gym because working out keeps me sane and sort of allows me to concentrate while I study. So far I’ve been going about 5-6 hours a week, usually in the form of these crazy bootcamp workout classes. I wouldn’t exactly call them fun but since I hate weightraining and I hate to be a quitter, they get me to lift some weights and do some cardio all packaged up in one hour. The insanely skinny and fit instructors have lulled me into thinking that maybe if I keep this up I will someday look like that. But, instead I have been steadily gaining about 2 pounds a week since I got here. This is not a huge surprise considering I snack all day long while I study and then when Frenchie gets home I tend to drink a lot more than usual and eat a lot more than usual. But it is still frustrating because I don’t see how I could be gaining that much weight! A couple pounds, sure, but literally I’ve gained about 12 pounds according to the gym’s scale!

So, the new plan is keep up the snacking, on healthy to semi-healthy snacks, but cut way down on the dinners and the drinking. I’m usually not all the hungry in the evening anyway and I just eat because it is there or because it tastes good (Frenchie is an excellent cook). From now on, one drink a night and tiny portions. There, I said it out loud so it will be true!


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