Posted by: Emily | November 8, 2007


Once a week I drive a little over an hour to go to work at an insanely early hour. Ok, maybe 7am is not insane, but it was dark and foggy and I was tired today. I was almost there and some tiny little spider jumped out of my dashboard. I’m not really afraid of spiders so I thought I would just let it sit there. It was kind of freaking me out though because it was so jumpy and sort of shiny and black. So of course it then jumped onto the steering wheel and then proceeded to go on my leg. I was driving about 70mph on the freeway and definitely starting swerving a bit like a crazy person. I flicked the ugly thing onto the floor but then I was worried it was crawling up my pants to bite me. Yes, I’m slightly paranoid. All day I’ve been feeling like something is crawling on me. Spider season needs to end!!


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